Monday, February 22, 2010

The Gunner Show

My 5 year old Gunner is quite the dancer. I found this out this past Saturday night at the dining hall here at UCYC. We had a guest group of middle/high school students in camp and they were sitting around after dinner listening to some music and talking, that is until the "nooma nooma" song came on. Upon hearing it Gunner jumps up and starts dancing. It was fun to watch the guest group start watching and then eventually start dancing. You can see in the video he was the leader and by the end everyone was either watching or dancing with him. It ended with a big round of applause and high fives for Gunner.

This has me thinking that this is what Jesus meant when He said we need to be like children. No one told Gunner how to dance, no one told him he was doing it right or wrong he was just following His heart and it was contagious. He has never had dance lessons, hasn't learned music or dance theory. He was just having fun and was passionate (check out the expression on his face while dancing).

I want my relationship with Papa to be so fresh and so alive, so grounded in Him and His Word in me that when I follow Him it will lead others to follow Him. When I hear His song I don't want to analyze it, parse it or beat it to death, I just want to jump up and do what it is He is asking of me. I don't want to become so educated like the pharisees of Jesus' day that I can't recognize God when He is standing in front of me. I don't want to become set in my ways, I want God to do a new thing in my life and in my journey with Him. Don't expect to see me dancing like Gunner anytime soon, but I hope that who Christ is in me and who I am in Him is contagious and that I live it with fun-loving a kid.

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