Friday, February 27, 2009

Sore Economy

The title is unfair to what I am blogging about:

Sore - as I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs changes are coming. Amy and I have been getting up early this week to go to the gym and workout. I am quite sore, but feel really good. My line around the guys I work with after only 1 - 5 day working out, "I worked out, I'm huge!"

Economy - I have been getting more and more concerned about the stupid economy news that is so negative that one might think the world is coming to an If it does well hello heaven, but if we have to live here, it is nice to read someone with a good perspective on things - Dave Ramsey. He wrote a blurb about how things aren't as bad as they seem, you can read it here (The Dave Ramsey Show) it may brighten your day.

Friday, February 20, 2009


This past week has been a wild and wet week. Tuesday we had a water leak and in order to fix it we had to turn off a water main because the water shut off at the house didn't work. When we turned off the main the handle broke and we didn't get the water off. So we had to dig up the main to fix that valve handle and we replaced the water shut off for the house with the leak and another house close by. After all that we still hadn't fixed the leak and that was a 14 hour day. Anyway the rest of our week was spent fixing broken stuff and filling in holes, having a septic tank pumped and snaking the toilet and fixing the shower all in the house with the leak. I am fatigued and feel tired all the way into my hands and feet. I like the way it feels when my hands are tired, sore and feels like I have been working. So while it has been a wild week all in all it is good...good to have a good job.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Coming Change

I have been looking at where I am in my life and feel as though I need to make some changes. Not to worry I don't plan on moving - we have done enough of that - it has more to do with changes in how I live my life. I am looking at some things that I feel like I need to improve. I think where I want to start is getting back into shape. I am about 30 lbs overweight and I want/need to get rid of the extra weight. Obviously health is a concern, but mostly I want to make an appointment to go show my Dr. I can weigh 200 lbs and not be obese. My motivation comes from my wife (who is joining me on this endeavor). Al Ortolani my college football trainer who told me I would eat myself to death (he did it out of love to tell me I could if I wasn't careful) I am running the Whiskey Row 10 K in his honor and memory. My Dr. called me obese...I may be but Doc piled it on me that day classic male pattern baldness, hope your body holds up to the work you was a little tough. I also don't think he realizes that I will never weigh what the BMI says I should. Anyway stay in touch as I let you know what other changes I am looking to make.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why It Stings

Just watched the Cards lose in a great Super Bowl game. I love great football games and the Cards did themselves proud. They weren't supposed to be there and then when they got there they came to play. It was a heartbreak of a loss and I was wondering why it bothers me so much. I think it is because I got so into the game, and then it took me back to my Sr. year at Pittsburg State University where we won every game of our season except the National Championship. (I know it is hard to believe but NCAA division II actually has playoffs...what a concept.) I know the heartbreak of losing the big game. I know in the grand scheme of things it is not that important, it isn't that big of a deal compared to my faith, but still I know the sting of giving it your all and coming up short. I am glad that God, my family and my friends love me when I give it my all and come up short.
What a game! Congrats to the Cards!